Is Pendergast the Man?


According to the Kansas City Star, via, the Chiefs and Clancy Pendergast have mutual parting of ways.

With Giff Smith hired as the outside linebacker coach Pendergast is the most logical candidate for the Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator position.

Pendergast was demoted from the Chiefs defensive coordinator position in the middle of the 2009 regular season.

Bills head coach Chan Gailey and Pendergast do have a history as Pendergast was the defensive quality control and linebackers when Gailey was the Dallas Cowboys head coach.

Gailey’s defensive coordinator in Dallas was Jim Bates, but Bates has been available for a while now.

That means Bates would have been hired a while ago and would have been apart of the announcement of assistant coaches yesterday.

In the end us Bills fans will finally get our wish.

The Dark Side of Football


(Que Emperor March)

There is a darkside of football, which you will never hear spoken of on a National Football League broadcast, or in a interview.

Until today that is.

New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Greg Williams revealed in an interview on a Tennessee radio station, which of course I learned from as the site is the best in the business, revealed that they want to hit Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, and possibly even injure him..

Being a former defensive player in high school that is nothing new as coaches teach players to knock the snot right out of a ball carrier.

The reason being that when you hit the ball carrier so hard it can intimidate both the ball carrier and his teammates.

So, when a offensive player is down with an injury after getting the snot knocked out of him defenders are really saying in their head yes one less defender.

A true story:

In eighth grade my Cheektowaga Warriors took on the Maryvale Flyers on their field.

Their running back was nicknamed the cow as he was a little bit fat.

In the fourth quarter most of our starters were out or playing their backup positions on defense as this is high school.

Then on one play their running back ran a play up the middle and one of our defensive linemen grabbed him around his legs and then a linebacker plowed through him.

After the play was whistled dead we all noticed the Maryvale running back was injured.

Eventually, an ambulance was called in and while we were all waiting on the sideline a players started to say to each other we slaughtered the cow.

Now, don’t get me wrong defenders hope that someone doesn’t break their neck or sustains a life altering injury.

Usually, they aim for an injury good enough to keep them out of that game and be fine for the following week.

In the end next time you watch a football game and when a player is injured just remember his opponents inside are really happy.

Bills Shouldn’t Pass on Tebow


Thanks to WECK’s Brad Riter many of you are new readers of the site, which got me thinking that it is time to readress my thoughts on former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow.

Simply, the Bills would be making a huge mistake if they pass on Tebow with the ninth overall pick.

What convinced me that Tebow will be a franchise quarterback was an article written by ESPN’s Len Pasquarelli (which you can read by copying and pasting the link since I’m on my blackberry

In it Pasquarelli interviewed former National Football League general manager Ken Herock who has drafted quarterbacks Steve Young, Doug Williams, Chris Miller, and Brett Farve.

In it Herock gushed that Tebow has it as he got goosebumbs when Tebow walked into a room.

Also, Herock noticed that you don’t have to tell him something twice, he has the arm to make all the throws, and that he has a passion to succeeed.

As many Buffalo sports fans have learned through the Sabres that intangibles are something that just cannot be taught and is a key element for players in key positions to have.

In the end there are two things a player needs to succeed in the National Football League, which is talent and a relenting desire to succeed no matter how tough things get, and Tebow has both.