Its Not What You Know its Who You Know


The Buffalo Bills announced the hiring of five assistant coaches two of which we already knew of in Curtis Modkins and Giff Smith.

In the case of all five its not what they knew about football its who they knew.

Joining Bills head coach Chan Gailey is Bob Bicknell who has been hired to coach tight ends, Joe D’Alessandris who will coach the offensiveline, and Kevin Patullo who has been hired has as a offensive quality control.

All five men have either worked with Gailey at his stops with Georgia Tech or the Kansas City Chiefs.

Gailey could have hired people of the likes of Dean Pees to be the defensive coordinator.

Also, they could sign the Minnesota Vikings quarterback coach Kevin Rogers who has left the team.

In the end Gailey should get the benefit of the doubt, but if the offense isn’t good in 2010 he should be immediately fired thereafter.

NFL Makes Things Worst


National Football League vice president of officiating Mike Piera appeared on the NFL Network, which we learned through

Piera made things worst for Minnesota Vikings fans as he admitted the officiating crew working th NFC Championship game.

On a play Vikings quarterback Brett Farve threw an interception, which should have been negated as he took a loe hit from New Orleans Saints defensive end Bobby McCray.

Piera admitted there should have been a flag on McCray.

It is pretty obvious that the head official just has to many things to watch for on a play.

In the end its time to add another official in the backfield.

A Bill Chimes in on a Quarterback


The Buffalo Bills are inobvious dire need of a franchise quarterback.

According to, Bills safety Donte Whitner gave his opinion on a possible option.

Whitner on his Twitter Page stated that he would like the Bills to trade for Baltimore Ravens quarterback Troy Smith and that he is a proven winner and leader.

Whitner was teammates with Smith at Ohio State University.
Smith in 2008 was slated to be the starter, but fell ill to tonsillitis, which opened the door for quarterback Joe Flacco who has yet to relinquish the job.

It wouldn’t hurt for the Bills to trade for Smith as he would most likely cost a second day pick and is a better option than current Bills quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and Trent Edwards.

In the end you just never know what your going to get in a player until he takes the field.

Wilfork Should get his Wish


New England Patriots defensive tackle Vince Wilfork is looking for a big money deal with his contract soon to expire.

Wilfork should get his wish, but just not the way he wants it.

According to the Boston Herald, via, Wilfork doesn’t want to get franchised tag as it is a slap in the face.

Well Wilfork is just going to have to deal with it as the Patriots will tag him and then turn around and trade him in order to get back something of value.

Wilfork’s departure became evident when they took defensive tackle Ron Brace in the second round of last year.

The thing is Brace is an unknown commodity and for all they know he could turn out to be a huge bust.

However, inserting a young player instead of over paying a veteran is the way they go about doing business.

In the end sooner or later things will catchup to the Patriots as you cannot just keep letting everyone go.


Could the Bills have a Defensive Coordinator Lined Up?


The Buffalo Bills have become a franchise that is very secretive in the manner of which they go about handling business.

With the hiring of Giff Smith as the outside linebackers coach there is a good possibility that head coach Chan Gailey already has his defensive coordinator lined up.

Usually, when a team goes about hiring coaches the head coach is hired first, then the coordinators, and finally the position coaches.

That way a coordinator will have input in the process of hiring position coaches and if they have any knowledge of a candidate.

There is a possibility that the Smith hiring is along the lines of that no matter who is the defensive coordinator Smith is going to be the outside linebackers coach

However, the Bills have been conducted head coaching interviews without the media getting wind of it until way after it happened.

In the end we should find out very soon who is the Bills defensive coordiantor with the Senior Bowl coming up.

Current 3i4 Defensive end Trend Troubling


Many teams have been switching to a 3-4 defense, which looks like is going to include the Buffalo Bills with the hiring of Giff Smith as outside linebacker coach.

The one troubling trend that teams have been implementing is the type of defensive end they been using.

An article by Buffalo News writer Mark Gaughn recently caught my attention.

In it he stated that defensive ends in a 3-4 need to be at least 285 pounds, which is kind of light as many teams are foolishly using 300 pound 4-3 defensive tackles.

That is the most absurd comment as it is not about how much a player weighs, but about how talented he is and his drive to become the best

Former Buffalo Bill defensive end Bruce Smith played at right defensive end in a 3-4 at 264 pounds.

Also, current Indianapolis Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney, who plays in a 4-3, is only 265 pounds, and was only 255 pounds coming out of college.

The problem with using 300 pound players at defensive end is that they are not as effecrtive pass rushers, which is the very reason that Smith reduced his playing weight from 300 pounds to 265 pounds.

In the end hopefully the Bills will not be foolish and play copy cat, which is a very popular thing to do in the National Football League.