Sometimes it’s Better to Say Nothing


There comes a point in one’s life where you are better off just saying nothing.

For Jimmy Sexton that was Tuesday.

Sexton is the agent for former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow.

Tebow had a horrible day Monday, which of course an excuse followed Tuesday.

According to Jim Thomas of Saint Louis Post Dispatch, via, Tebow has been dealing with strep throat and a 103 degree temperature.

What first comes to mind is that either Tebow is lucky to be alive or Sexton is just a terrible liar.

Going into a practice with a 103 temperature is dangerous, because when a person starts running around their body temperature will rise, which the body compensates by sweating.

Also, Tebow would have been sucking down large amounts of water and gatorade, which would have set an alarm in one of the trainers, since preventing dehydration has been emphasis even more after the deat of former Minnesota Viking offensive tackle Corey Stringer.

In the end Sexton should have just kept his mouth shut.

A Special Thanks to Brad Riter


Taking care of some errands before my usual 7:30 tuesday trip to the gym I heard something unexpected.

That being this site getting mentioned on WECK 1230 by host Brad Riter.

Yes, I know that it was a very critical of the site, but without criticism one cannot better themselves.

I admit it at first it was hard to take as this was the first time I heard it mentioned on any radio station.

Unfortunately, I only caught the tail end of it so all u hear mentioned was the spelling errors and that the comment I made that the National Football League won’t do anyrhing until someone breaks their neck sounded like a grandma.

you do have to admit the only time the NFL does something is when it will ultimately affect the amount of money coming in.

In the end as the saying goes any publicity is better than no publicity, so thanks Brad.

Finally a Hire


The Buffalo Bills hired Chan Gailey to be their next head coach.

Only now is there some more progress.

According to, Gailey hired Giff Smith to be his linebackers coach.

Smith was Gailey’s defensive line coach for three years at Georgia Tech.

Smith is the second assistant coach hire after Curtis Modkins.

In the end its looks like Gailey is just going to bring his coached from Georgia Tech.

Teboe Could Start Right Away


Former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow is having a rough week at Senior Bowl practices.

However, he still would be a solid starter from day one.

Many National Football League teams have integrated the Spread offense into their offensive playbooks.

Bills head coach Chan Gailey used the Spread offense exclusively for the Kansas City Chiefs in 2008 as the Chiefs offensive coordinator.

What teams can do is use a spread offense at first with Tebow and slow integrate a pro offense.

In the end Tebow will be a starting quarterback in the NFL in 2010.

Cody woukd e Another Fit


The Buffalo Bills have several needs they could address at linebacker, defensive tackle, offensive tackle and linebacker.

One of those guys that would fit is Terrance Cody.

Cody weighed in at the Senior Bowl at a whopping 370 pounds.

Can you say 3-4 nose tackle!

If the Bills were to switch to the 3-4 he would be a perfect fit for them.

If they don’t then Tebow would be a solid pick and with the right offense he would be able to start right away.

In the end those are the two guys to be looking out for in the upcoming draft.

Bills Should get Some Reinforcements


The Buffalo Bills were depleted at linebacker this year due to injury.

However, they should get some help very soon.

The Buffalo Bills were without the services of linebacker John Digiorgio as he had knee surgery right before the season.

Digiorgio proved that he is a capable starter when he filled in for starting middle linebacker Paul Pozluszny when broke his arm in his rookie season.

Digiorgio would also serve as a good compliment at middle linebacker to Pozluszny in a 3-4 defense.

In the end as long as they find out the problem that caused all the injuries they should be fine.

Enjoy Saints Fans


The New Orleans Saint for the first time in team history has made the Superbowl.

Now, Saints fans need to savor every minute of it.

I remember the first time the Buffalo Bills made the Superbowl.

It was remarkable to see on ESPN Chris Berman, Tom Jackson, Joe Theisman, and Chris Mortensen break down the Bills for half a show.

That time prior to the Superbowl you were the toast of the town.

It was just a remarkable experience still eveb though the Bills lost.

In the end win or lose Saint fans savor every moment, because you just don’t know when you will get back.