Tebow Would be a Good Fit for the Bills


Former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow had a rough day at the first Senior Bowl practice.

Still he would be a great fit for the Buffalo Bills.

Tebow mainly operated out of the Shotgun Formation in college.

Bills head coach Chan Gailey with the Kansas City Chiefs used a spread formation offense.

Gailey is also a coach that adjusts his offense to the strengths of his players.

If Tebow were to become a Bill they could easily run the spread offense with the wide receivers they have on the team.

In the end the Bills would be fools to pass on Tebow.

Bills Took too Long with Cowher


The Buffalo Bills before they hired Buddy Nix as general manager was trying to lure Bill Cowher to the team.

The problem is now they have waited too long to move on, and are now paying for it.

It has already been a week since the Bills hired Chan Gailey as head coach, but there is still no defensive coordinator.

That is a problem as the available coaches are getting slim as teams have signed most of the available ones already.

The one qualified defensive coordinator is Jim Bates, but after that it is your guess.

In the end the rebuilding process for the Bills is going to take a while. 

It’s Official


According to the Florida Times-Union. Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback David Garrard has made the Pro Bowl.

The fact is that the Pro Bowl has officially has become assinine.

The problem is that the Pro Bowl isn’t in Hawaii, which has translated into the players not caring at all for it.

In the end hopefully the embarrasment will shift the Pro Bowl back to Hawaii.

Don’t Feel Bad for the Vikings


Many people may be upset that the Vikings never got the football in overtime.

Don’t feel sorry for them though as they had their chances.

First, there is of course the final drive in regulations as the Vikings on a play that if Farve ran he woulf have been in range for a field goal, but instead passed it and had it intercepted.

Also, the defense crumbled in overtime after stifling the Saints offense in the second half.

In the end overtime is fine as it is the defenses job to stop the offense.