Good-Bye Brett


Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Farve had his best chance ever at getting back to the Superbowl since he last appeared in it over a decade ago.

Still it wasn’t enough and this should be the end of a legend.

The Vikings had their chance to pull out a last minute win, but as the saying goes old habits die hard.

On a roll-out pass, Farve instead of taking off and running, as he had room in front of him, decided to throw the ball, which ended in an interception.

The fact of the matter is defenses cannot bail out offenses anymore as offenses have gotten really good over the last decade due to quarterback play.

Farve is just too careless with the football and thinks he can put it into any spot that he wants to.

In the end Farve needs to do himself a favor by retiring and going away.

Can the Saints Stop the Colts?


The Superbowl is set as the New Orleans Saints will take on the Indianapolis Colts in Superbowl XLIV.

The big question is can the Saints defense stop Colts starting quarterback Peyton Manning.

Manning so far has just been unstoppable.

The reason is that the Colts are so deep at wide receiver it is hard for defenses to adequately cover them.

Also, Manning will take whatever the defense will give him as it doesn’t matter who he throws the football to as long as the pass is completed.

In the end if the Saints can pull an upset it will be one for the ages.

McDaniels a Fool for Letting Nolan Walk


The Denver Broncos made a lot of heads turn when head coach Josh McDaniels let defensive coordinator Mike Nolan jump ship to the Miami Dolphins.

McDaniels in the long run will regret letting Nolan go.

Nolan turned around a Broncos defense that in 2008 was ranked 29th overall on defense and lead the unit to a seventh overall ranking this year.

The only weakness the defense had was against the run, but that is easily correctable with more defensive lineman.

The fact of the matter is that coaches make a huge difference now a days as the talent is pretty much even.

In the end the defense will take a step back as they will have to get use to the new defensive coordinator’s system.