Dolphins Need to Revamp Defense


The Miami Dolphins play a 3-4 defense, which relies on the play of its linebackers.

With two key linebackers being over 30 years old it is time for the Dolphins to revamp their defense.

With both linebackers Joey Porter and Jason Taylor both being 32 and 35 years old respectively the level of their play will slip soon enough.

Fortunately, they do have one replacement in Cameron Wake who they signed from the Canadian Football League before the start of the season.

Still they are going to need one more linebacker to groom for a couple years down the line.

The reason being is that linebackers in a 3-4 are crucial and if the level of play from this group slips the defense will not be as effective.

In the end its time for the defense to get some more attention.

Lewis is Right


The National Football League has just gotten worst as time goes by when it comes to hits on offensive players.

Lewis is right as the NFL is just getting ridiculous with the fines.

The problem is that the NFL is scared of Congress breathing down their necks after dragging them in for a congressional hearing on concussions.

Even a glancing blow to the head of player catching a football will get a 15 yard penalty and a fine.

The fact of the matter is that concussions are always going to be apart of the game as this is a extremely fast game with violent collisions.

The only way that NFL will eliminate concussions is by suspending brains in the middle of the cerebral cortex.

In the end football will always be a game where you will walk away mangled by injury.

A Jets Win Would Strengthen Fans


Earlier this century the Baltimore Ravens won the Superbowl with an average quarterback.

A win Sunday by the New York Jets will only strengthen National Football League fans’ voices.

Fans were strengthened by the Ravens feat as head coaches are expected now to turn a team around in about three or four years.

The problem is that the league has turned into a quarterback driven thanks to spread offenses made popular in college.

In the end in the future if Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez doesn’t improve the Jets will be just a one year wonder.