Bills Should Take Tebow


Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow is entering the National Football League Draft this April.

After reading an article by Len Pasquerelli of ESPN the Bills would be a fool to not take Tebow.

According to the Article Ken Herock has been working with Tebow on topics on what he will see at the Combine next month.

Herock is reposnsible for the drafting of quarterbacks Doug Williams, Steve Young, Chris Miller, and Brett Farve.

Already Herock is raving about his intanigbles as he is a extrmely quick leaner as you never have to tell Tebow something twice.

Herock also watched him practice and stated the velocity and his accuracy of his throws are fine.

The only thing wrong with Tebow is his delivery, but that was the same issue with San Diego Chargers quarterback Phillip Rivers.

In the end the Bills would be fools not to take Tebow.

Bates Would Need Time


One of the names that has come up as a candidate for the Buffalo Bills defensive coordinator position is Jim Bates.

Bates would be needed some time with the defense.

Bates last year was the defensive coordinator for the Tampa Buccaneers before he was relieved of his duties during the middle of the season.

The problem was that Bates ran his own system with personnel that was for a Tampa Two defense, which was run by the previous defensive coordinator Monte Kiffin.

Just like the Buccaneers the Bills ran a cover two defense last year.

So, if Bates is going to get the defense back up to elite levels he will need some time as the linebacker core needs some bigger linebackers to compliment starting linebackers Paul Poszluzny and Kawika Mitchell.

In the end in any which case whoever is the defensive coordinator people will have to wait before its good again.

Raiders Unmatched in One Area


The Oakland Raiders at one point in time were a model team of winning.

At least they are still unmatched in one area.

The area that the Raiders are the greatest franchise in the National Football League is disfunctionalism.

According to the Carrol County Times, via, Baltimore Ravens quarterback coach Hue Jackson not only interviewed for the offensive coordinator position, but for head coach as well.

Talk about just plain wierd, but this one takes the cake.

At least the Washington Redskins head coach saga took place during the season.

There is no logical reason for the Raiders to keep in place as head coach, and conduct a search for a new one at the same time.

The only reason I can think of is that maybe Raiders owner Al Davis is unsure that he can find a new head coach.

That way if he can’t find a new head coach he can just deny everything and say current head coach Tom Cable was his guy all along.

In the end Davis is most likely stuck with Cable for a while.

Pro Bowl is a Joke


The National Football League made changes to the Pro Bowl.

Those changes has just made it look like a bigger joke.

The first change is that they changed when the Pro Bowl will take place.

Before it was after the Superbowl, but now it is the week before.

The pother big change is the place where it is held as it was held in Hawaii, but now it is taking place in Miami where the Superbowl is being held this year.

With these changes players have been pulling out left and right.

As per John Clayton the AFC is done to the fifth, sixth and seventh ranked quarterbacks.

Also, Clayton estimates that half of the total 88 players will be replacements.

That is just garbage as it should be the best of the best for the past season.

The biggest reason for all the pull outs are simple its not in Hawaii.

If it was in Hawaii players like Cincinnati quarterback Carson Palmer would delay surgery to play as it essentially a vacation.

In the end the NFL needs to go back to the way it was before.

Bills Coaching List Suspect at Best


John Murphy of WIVB-TV is reporting that the Buffalo Bills had two lists of head coaches one being reaches and the others being viable.

The Bills viable candidates list is suspect at best.

Besides current head coach Chan Gailey the list included Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier, San Diego Chargers defensive coordinator Ron Rivera, Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron, and Arizona Cardinals offensive line Russ Grimm.

That means former Ravens head coach Brian Bilick, Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, and New York Jets offensiver coordinator Brian Schottenheimer were not on the list.

Talk about mind blowing.

Of course the list doesn’t include former San Diego Chargers head coach Marty Schottenheimer who was turned down by owner Ralph Wilson.

Don’t get me wrong Gailey is a good hire as he is endorsed by former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher and all the player that played under him.

In the end no matter the way they shape it their search was done terribly.

A Double Whammy


The Arizona Cardinals have been bracing for the most likely retirement of quarterback Kurt Warner.

Well now it is most likely going to be a double whammy.

In an interview Cardinals defensive end Bertrand Berry announced he is retiring.

That means the Carinals have to fill two huge voids.

Fortunately, the Cardinals still have quarterback Matt Leinart to take over for Warner.

However, his first stint as a starter, as in the words of Led Zepplin guitarist Jimmy Paige, went over like a lead balloon.

In the end the Cardinals should be taking a step back in 2010.