Charger Fans Beware


The San Diego Chargers for a while now have been looking to get a deal in place for a new stadium.

With what owner Dean Spanos stated today in the San Diego Union-Tribune Charger fans need to be on their guard.

According to the article Spanos has no secondary plan, which means that Spanos is fed up with the city.

Spanos wants the mayor and the city council on board with the financing plan before he proceeds.

If the mayor and city council cannot come to an agreement on the financing plan Spanos will start looking for other sites outside of San Diego as he has been doing this for eight years.

In the end in any which case the Chargers quest in getting a new stadium is coming to an end soon.

Falcons Need Depth


The Atlanta Falcons missed out on the playoffs in 2009 due to injuries to key players.

If they are going to get back in 2010 the Falcons deep some depth at key positions.

The Falcons lost rookie defensive tackle Peria Jerry for the year early in the season.

Then they lost starting cornerback Brian Williams after the fifth week of the season.

However, the biggest two were running back Michael Turner and quarterback Matt Ryan.

Turner missed five games and played in part of three others, which resulted in a 4-4 record.

Ryan missed only two games, but both were losses and one was a close loss to the New Orleans Saints.

The teams that make the Superbowl have backups that can come in and pickup where the starters left off.

In the end if the Falcons want to go deep in the playoffs they need to build their depth in April’s National Football League Draft.

Bilick Miffed like Bills Fans


Many Buffalo Bills fans are miffed by the fact that some quality coaches were never interviewed for the head coach position.

Bills fans can add former Baltimore Ravens head coach Brian Billick to the chorus.

Bilick in an interview with WGRZ stated that he was miffed by the fact even though he had nine striaght ten win seasons and a Superbowl.

He is right as his philosiphy of great defense and a solid running game would have meshed well with the Bills.

The most likely problem is that after pursuing Cowher Bills owner Ralph Wilson realized that he didn’t want a head coach of the likes of Bilick or Cowher as they would demand say over the roster.

That most likely scared Wilson off as he most likely would eventually would lead to him being left out of the loop.

In the end Gailey is qualified, but the lack of a search makes it look terrible.

Bills can Convert to 3-4 Today


According to, Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey would have a tough time converting to a 3-4 due to their size.

The fact is that they can as their problem is a combination of two factors.

I usually don’t disagree with the guys at, but on this topic I do.

The Bills problem is not their size, but that of their preparation and the offenses woes.

Preparation for a game is huge as practice is their to ready a mind and body for a game.

Most likely head coach Dick Jauron compensated for his easy practices by having the players weight lift more than usual.

That will tire the body out and make it prone to injury.

Also, the other problem was that the offense was terrible and that tired the defense out more.

In the end once Gailey solves the problem on offense the number of injuries will go down.

Thigpen Could be an Option


One of the first things that new Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey has to do is find a quarterback.

One viable option is Miami Dolphins quarterback Tyler Thigpen.

In 2008 Gailey was the offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs and his starting quarterback was Thigpen.

Thigpen had his best year as a pro as he completed 54.8 percnt of his passes throwing for 2,608 yards passing with 18 touchdowns and 12 interceptions in 11 starts and three appearances to injury.

Gailey ran a college spread offense, which works in the NFL as well as the level of play of quarterbacks and wide receivers have gone up over the years.

The thing is that the Bills have a lot more options than the Chiefs did.

In the end the Bills can make a remarkable turn around in 2010 its just that Gailey and Nix have to have a solid plan of going about it.

Houston we have a Problem


The current Collective Bargaining Agreement for the National Football League is going to expire after the 2010 regular season.

Already there is a problem between owners and the National Football League Players Association.

According to the New York Times, New York Giants owner John Mara went on record stating that there is no progress as the players want a deal similar to the current CBA or better.


That is the most absurd thing yet from the players.

They really think teams like the Buffalo Bills and Jacksonville Jaguars can keep making a decent profit under this deal?

The fact of the matter is the Detroit Lions have lost money and possibly several other teams.

The main problem is that the NFLPA forced the NFLto switch from designated gross revenue, which was mainly television revenue, to total football revenue, which includes everything they sell.

Every business has expenses in addition to payroll and the NFLPA’s refusal to recognize this will cost players dearly as owners are ready to lockout the players.

In the end the NFLPA has only two options take a bad deal or stand tall and watch players lose assets as most of them have not saved up.