Comparison isn’t Fair


With the formal announcement of Chan Gailey as the Buffalo Bills head coach comes the analysis.

The comparison of Gailey to former Bills head coach Dick Jauron is wrong.

Everyone wants to get their opinion in on the hiring, but let’s face it the comparison is just a down right joke.

The comparison is nothing more than a excuse to blast the Bills for not getting a coach of the likes of Bill Cowher.

The fact is the two aren’t even close as Gailey calls his own plays and has had success as a coordinator with numerous teams.

Jauron on the other hand never called his own plays and his defense, which is his back ground was absolutely terrible against the run under his watch.

In the end let’s face it if Gailey finds an elite quarterback he will be successful.

Maybin Willing to Make the Switch


New Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey hinted that there is the possibility that he will switch the defense to a 3-4.

The question I had then is defensive end Aaron Maybin willing to make the switch to outside linebacker.

Maybin was unable to get on the field as defensive coordinator and then interim head coach Perry Fewell wouldn’t start him citing he wasn’t ready.

With Gailey hinting at the possibility at a switch to a 3-4 I sought out Maybin through Twitter to ask him if he would make the switch to outside linebacker in a role like Demarcus Ware and Terrell Suggs.

Maybin reponded stating that he would as it suits him better.

A outside linebacker in a 3-4 has the same responsibilities as a defensive end in a 4-3 as they both are repsonsible for containment of the ball carrier and must maintain ball depth.

The difference is that a outside linbebacker lines up in a two point stance and has to cover running backs and tight ends.

A defensive end rarely goes into coverage and lines up in three point stance.

In the end if the Bills were to switch to a 3-4 defense they would be a top ten unit.

Gailey’s Success Rides on One Factor


The Buffalo Bills have gone through coaches like water.

The fact is Gailey will success rides on one factor.

Even Hall of Fame coach Marv Levy met his demise as Bills coach for this reason.

That being the lack of a franchise quarterback.

Superbowl winning coaches of the likes of Bill Cowher, Mike Shanahan, and Tony Dungy have won Superbowls, because they had a franchise quarterback.

In the end it is simple for Gailey as if he finds a franchise quarterback he will win and if he doesn’t he will be out the door in three years.

Points on Gailey From Press Conference


The Buffalo Bills formally announced Chan Gailey as head coach today at one Bills Drive.

First, the good old boys network is alive and well as general manager Buddy Nix and Gailey go back to the 1970’s when they were both working at the college level.

Secondly, Gailey has stated that he will be running the offense and calling the plays from the start.

That is a good thing as Gailey has built some really good offenses and that means the Bills should be turned around.

Third, Gailey wants to go with a 3-4, but that will depend on if the current personnel can make that switch to.

Finally, the big thing is the way he runs his football teams.

Former running back Thurman Thomas played for Gailey in his final year with the Miami Dolphins.

Thomas stated that he is big on discipline, holding people account able, and what their roles are within the team.

In the end Gailey will work if he can mold one a quarterback into a franchise quarterback.

Bye Bye Greenberg


With Monday being Martin Luther King Jr. Day the worst thing to do is say something racist.

Well that happened to ESPN’s Mike Greenberg of Mike and Mike in the morning, which could get him fired.

What got him to hot water is that’s he instead of saying Martin Luther King he stated Martin Luther Coon, according th Outside Blog.

There is just simply no room for something like that at all.

It’s one thing to have a swear word slip out. in an angry moment, but a racist comment is a completely different subject.

The only acceptable excuse is if Greenberg at that moment was going to bring up how he and other african americans had to deal with the name calling like coons and such.

Personnally, I believe that every race has their people that are trash, which includes us caucasians.

Things don’t look good for Greenberg as Don Imus was fired after making a racist comment.

In the end as one NSYNC song goes baby it ain’t no lie bye bye bye.

What Bills Fans Should Do


Many Buffalo Bills fans are upset over the hiring of Chan Gailey as the Bills head coach.

There is one way Bills fans can voice their displeasure and that is not buying tickets to Bills games.

I hear it time and time again from Bills fans that they had it with this team, and that they want change.

The fact of the matter is that change will never happen if Bills fans keep going to games as he has no obligation to do anything with fans still buying tickets.

However, if fans were to stop buying tickets to games Wilson would have to do something as he would be losing a considerable amount of money.

In the end Bills fans are just as responsible for the Bills mediocrity, because when you buy a ticket your saying mediocrity.