Gailey the Next Bills Head Coach?


According to the Buffalo News, Chan Gailey has emereged as a strong candidate for the Buffalo Bills head coach position.

The hiring of Gailey would be a shrewd outside of the box move.

If I remember correctly Gailey was the recommended by Bill Cowher to succeed him as head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Gailey for the Dallas Cowboys head coach for 1998 and 1999 and made the playoffs both seasons.

Gailey is a good move not just for his offensive background, but due to the fact that where ever he went he built powerful successful offenses.

Now, the question will he go with Brian Brohm as his quarterback next year, or recommend a quarterback in the upcoming draft.

In the end even with Gailey’s success it will take time to rebuild the Bills offense.

Bills Chances of Landing Garrett Increase


The Buffalo Bills finally got some good news as Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has decided to keep head coach Wade Phillips.

That means the Bills chances of landing Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett have increased.

Garrett’s name in the Bills coaching search has only come up recently.

The Bills want a head coach with an offensive background, so if they were to fire Garrett the Bills offense could finally get back on track.

However, we are talking about the Cowboys and Jones will most likely try to keep Garrett by throwing a lot of money at him.

In the end the chances of landing Garrett are about 50-50.