Jets is the Last thing NFL Needs


The New York Jets with their win over the San Diego Chargers have made it to the AFC Championship game.

With the Jets having a rookie quarterback as the starter they are the last thing the National Football League needs.

What will happen is that if the Jets win the Superbowl or at least make it fans will raise their standards and expect their team with a solid defense win the Superbowl.

That will make teams and media members lives even more miserable.

In the end the best thing for everyone is for the Jets to lose.

Chargers Show Why Special Teams are Important


The San Diego Chargers looked like they were primed for a run to the Superbow, but instead exited from the playoffs early.

The loss shows how important special teams are when the playoffs come around.

The Chargers lost due to kicker Nate Keading missing three field goals.

In playoff games just missing one field goal can spell doom.

In the end it is time for the Chargers to find a new kicker.

Business Could Pick Up


With the National Football League Divisional Playoffs takingpart this weekend four more teams were eliminated.

That means the Buffalo Bills have more candidates available.

The Bills are hoping that Arizona Cardinals offensive line coach Russ Grimm and San Diego Chargers defensive coordinator Ron Rivera will interview for their head coaching job now that their teams have been eliminated.

Another name that could pop up in the Bills search is Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett.

In the end hopefully this is the week the Bills finally have a head coach, because if they don’t then god help us all.