Karma is a You Know What


That Arizona Caridnals were given a gift last week as they advanced to the divisional round of the National Football League playoffs thanks to referee’s missing penalties.

Well as the saying goes karma can be a you know what.

The Cardinals got their heads handed to them as they lost 45-14 to the New Orleans Saints.

Heck there was even an instance as the Cardinals were down 14 and the referees missed a roughing the passer penalty on the Saints.

In the end the Cardinals had to lose or these playoffs would forever be tainted.

Did the Bills Luck Out?


According to Charlie Casserly of CBS Sports, the Seahawks would have hired Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier if former Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy would have taken the president position.

Finally, did the Bills luck out?

Frazier is the looking like the most likely candidate for the Bills head coaching position as everyone else so far has stated no thanks.

According to Peter King of SI.com, Frazier did impress the Bills, but they prefer an coach with an offensive background.

In the end as long as Frazier hires a quality offensive coordinator thinks should be okay.

Surprise Surprise


The Buffalo Bills coaching search has been going on for a while now with no takers.

Well surprise surprise Charlie Casserly reports that another head coach turned the Bills down.

According to Casserly, Stanford head coach Jim Harbaugh was offered the Bills job, but turned it down as well.

A freaking average college head coach turns down the Bills.

The fact is it cannot get any lower than this other than a high school head coach saying no as well.

The problem is that the front office has not been cleaned out even though there is a new general manager.

Most likely Nix will do so after the draft as the current scouts have already done most of the work for April’s National Football League Draft.

In the end the Bills will be stuck with Frazier.

Just Pathetic


The Buffalo Bills right now are the only team looking for a head coach.

With the Buffalo News reporting that Arizona Cardinals offensive line coach Russ Grimm is avoiding the Bills the search has become pathetic.

The most likely reason that people are avoiding the Bills is the fact that the front office is still in place after a decade of futility.

They do have a point as three head coaches have come and gone with none of them ever making the playoffs.

Coaches in the National Football League usually only get one crack at being a head coach.

That means the smart ones are not going to take a job with a inferior front office.

Is it a fair label on the front office?

No, the team is just merely missing a quarterback as the Bills have solid players everywhere else.

In the end the search for a head coach has become just pathetic, but luckily the Bills do have an option in Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier.