Washington Going Down in a Blaze


It is not even the start of training camp, but the Washington Redskins are already spouting off.

If things go bad this year for the Redskins they are going to go down in a blaze of glory.

At the press conference officially announcing the hiring of Jim Haslett as defensive coordinator.

Haslett stated that the Redskins have the personnel to run whatever they want.

That is a pretty bold statement from a guy who spent 2009 in the United Football League.

If the defense is bad Haslett and head coach Mike Shanahan is going to hear it, especially since Shanahan has a history of crappy defenses.

That could eventually lead to things getting ugly in Washington.

In the end the Redskins are definitely going to be worth watching this year.

Its Official


Pretty much the whole football world knows that the Green Bay Packers got screwed last Sunday.

The National Football League pretty much has made that official today.

The NFL has issued a fine to Arizona Cardinal Bertrand Berry for a helmet to helmet hit in overtime on a down that a holding call on the Packers made it 2nd and 20.

If the helmet to helmet penalty was called like it was suppose to instead of 2nd and 20 it would have been 2nd and 10.

That is huge as it means the fumble at the end of the game would have never happened as there would have different plays called.

In the end hopefully the Cardinals don’t win the Superbowl or there is gonna have to be an asterix in the record books with the caption on the bottom that they won the Superbowl to a referee screwup.

Titans Need to Solve Run Defense


The Tennessee Titans made a stunning decent as they missed the playoffs this year after going 13-3 in 2008.

If the Titans are going to make the playoffs again they need to solve the problem with their defense.

The Titans problems with their defense can be traced back to the departure of defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.

Obviously, when a team loses someone as good as Haynesworth you need to change things up.

They didn’t as they asked defensive tackle Jason Jefferson to just step in and pickup where Haynesworth left off.

That proved to be a huge mistake as the Titans defense wasn’t the same as the previous year.

In the end if the Titans are going to improve their defense they need to change it what the players on defense do well.

Will Loss of Shanahan Affect Texans?


The Houston Texans suffered a huge loss when the Washington Redskins hired Mike Shanahan as he hired his son Kyle Shanahan, who was the Texans offensive coordinator, as their offensive coordinator.

The quesdtion is now can the Texans offense recover from his loss?

The Texans had a prolific offense that single handidly won them games when their defense wasn’t up to task.

When a new offensive coordinator there is always the chance of a drop of.

That is due to some coordinators forcing offensive personnel to play in a system instead of the offensive coordinator tailoring a system to their strengths.

The best example of this is the Chicago Bears as they forced quarterback Jay Cutler to play their system instead of changing the offense to incorporate a lot of what he did with the Denver Broncos.

In the end with Texans head coach Gary Kubiak already on the hotseat hiring the wrong offensive coordinator will get him fired.

Fewell is a Good Hire for Giants


The New York Giants hired former Buffalo Bills interim head coach Perry Fewell to fill their vacancy at defensive coordinator.

Fewell is a solid fit for what the Giants aready do on defense.

Fewell runs a 4-3 defense with cover two coverage.

The Giants base defense is a 4-3 as well, which means Fewell should have an immediate impact.

Also, Fewell gets the most out of his players as a injury riddled Bills defense was still one of the top passing defenses in the National Football League.

In the end the Giants should be back on top next year.

A Looming Power Struggle?


When Pete Carrol was hired as head coach of the Seattle Seahawks many thought he would have final say over things.

That appears not to be the case with Floyd Reese apparently getting the general manager job with the Seahawks.

Carrol stated that the next time he takes an National Football League job he wants control over the roster.

It was most like promised to Carrol that he would have some power over it.

The problem is Reese will have power as well and that could be a big problem down the line.

The reason being that when two people have control over one thing and things go bad a power struggle ensumes.

In the end things never go as planned, which means things are going to get interesting quick in Seattle.