The Cat is Out of the Bag


For a while now it has been aparent that former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Bill Cowher wants to coach again.

The only question has been where, but that has been finally been solved.

Jerome Bettis told Chris Russo of Sirius XM Mad Dog radio in a recent interview that Cowher wants the New York Giants job.

To be honest that is kind of a surprise since that the Giants job won’t open until next year at the earliest.

In the end Cowher is waiting to long to take another and will start creating serious doubts.

Wilson Doesn’t Deserve Bills


Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson prior to the 2009 regular season was inducted into the National Football League Hall of Fame.

However, after what ESPN’s John Clayton stated to Mike Schopp and the Bulldog Thursday Wilson doesn’t deserve the Bills.

According to Clayton, Wilson shot down the idea of Marty Schottenheimer as the head coach of the Bills.

Clayton theorizes that is the most likely reason that New York Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, Maty’s son, turned down the Bills.

The Bills are coming off the worst decade in team history.

It is clear without a shadow of a doubt that the Bills are this bad due to Wilson’s bumbling.

In the end the only ways the Bills will become good is when Wilson shuts up and let’s the general manager do his job without interference.

Bills Coaching Search Shouldn’t Affect Scouting


According to, the search for their next head coach may affect the Bills draft.

The fact is that the search shouldn’t affect it at all.

The reason being that the site brought it up is the fact that Senior Bowl practices will start in about two weeks.

The fact is there is more than just senior bowl practices to scouting draft prospects.

The main weapon that scouts in the National Football League use is game film.

What the good teams’ scouts look for is consistency in a player over a long period of time.

Also, the is the Combine and Pro Days that start after the Superbowl.

In the end the Bills next head coach missing the Sebior Bowl is not a big deal.

NFLPA will have to Give Up Something


It has been reported by the Sports Business Journal that in counter preposal in Collective Bargaining netgotiations that on top of the National Football League’s implementation of a rookie cap the length of contract would be cap at three years.

If that is going to happen then the NFLPA must give up something else.

The fact of the matter is that the other leagues that also implement caps on rookie contracts also have increaded the age of free agency until they been in their prospective leagues for about six yearsm

To reduce the length or a contact and keep it at the same number of years a player be completely nuts as players would hold out all the time to force teams not to use the franchise tag the next year.

Thus, there amount of turnover would be that of college, which the professional level shouldn’t be about.

In the end the players are in no position to try and get a better deal as they did before and things are now a mess.

Bills Will be the Last One


The Buffalo Bills are taking their time in their search for a head coach.

With the way things are going it is clear that the Bills will be the last one to hire a head coach.

Many head coaching candidates have turned down the Bills for whatever reasons.

Thus, the Bills front office now have to take their time to make sure they have the right guy.

After they finish their initial interviews the Bills will most likey conduct a second round with the finalist for the position, which would include meeting owner Ralph Wilson.

In the end the way things are going its going to be after the Superbowl before we finally get an answer.

Steelers Hire Kugler


The Pittsburgh Steelers fired offensive line coach Larry Zierlein last week.

To replace him they hired former Buffalo Bills offensive line Sean Kugler.

Kugler is a good hire for the Steelers considering what he did with a patch work offensive line last year with the Buffalo Bills.

Kugler also gets to upgrade the kind of organization he works for as he now goes from losing organization to a winning organization.

In the end the move was a win win for both sides.