Keeping Fox was the Right Move


The Carolina Panthers have decided to keep head coach John Fox for the 2010 regular season.

The fact is that was the right move to make.

The Panthers sudden turn for the worst was mostly due to the fact that teams game planned to take away the running game away, thus forcing quarterback Jake Delhomme to make more plays than in the 2008 regular season.

As everyone knows Delhomme melted down and had the worst season of his career as for the first time since 1999 he has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns.

The fact of the matter is that no team will win when a quarterback is performing like that.

However, the Panthers may have found their answer in quarterback Matt Moore.

Moore started the last five games of the year for the Panthers and in those games he threw for 990 yards passing with eight touchdowns and only one interception.

In the end if the Panthers were to find a second wide receiver and another defensive tackle they should be back on top competing for the NFC South Division.

Bills Don’t Have it that Bad


At first it looked like the Buffalo Bills were having a horrible time finding a new head coach.

The fact is that the Bills don’t have it that bad compared to one college football team.

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, the University of Southern California Trojans finally found their head coach in Lane Kiffin who was their seventh choice.

The Bills only went through about four so far in Jon Gruden, Tony Dungy, Mike Shanahan and Bill Cowher.

With the Bills now turning their attention to the top coordinators in the National Football League they will have their pick of the litter as the only other head coach position that will come open is the Raiders.

Let’s face it no decent coordinator will go there as you could get fired for just saying no to owner Al Davis.

In the end the Bills have their pick of the litter when it comes to coordinators and now all they need to do is find a franchise quarterback.

Seahawks Offense Already Impressing


New Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carrol has only been in office for a day.

However, that isn’t stopping him from impressing people.

According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Carrol has hired Alex Gibbs to be his offensive line coach.

That is on top of hiring Jeremy Bates to be his offensive coordinator.

Gibbs is one of the premier offensive line coaches and for him to be hired along with Bates means a lot for the Seahawks offense.

In the end if the Seahawks offense is bad it won’t be due to the coaching.

Lynch Story Was a Waste of Time


Last week the Buffalo News reported a story about a complaint against Buffalo Bills running back Mrashawn Lynch.

As it turns out the whole thing was a waste of time.

Last week the news reported that the wife of police detective William Crawford had $20 taken from her.

Now, Mrs Crawford is stating that her husband took out of context how the $20 was taken.

That is exactly why second hand accounts are inadmissable in court as they are unreliable due to those people getting the story wrong.

As a member of the media I am surely dissapointed by the Buffalo News as the job on the story was terrible.

Also, the reporters should know better by now that a story is always wrong unless it comes from a victim or witness and Mr. Crawford is neither of those.

In the end unless Mrs. Crawford comes forward and tells exactly what happened then Lynch needs to be given the doubt as this could be an outright lie.

Lions Need to Address Defense


The Detroit Lions for the last several drafts have used their first round draft picks for offense.

With the offense set it is time for the defense to be addressed.

Thanks to former general manager Matt Millen’s brilliance of three straight drafts using their first round pick on wide receiver the defense is depleted.

They especially need to address the defensive line as they have no impact players.

The linebackers are in good shape with Ernie Sims and Julian Peterson.

The defensive backs have no nig names in them, but a if the defensive line is addressed they will be fine.

In the end as the saying goes offense wins games defense wins champions.

Ravens Need Flacco


The Baltimore Ravens won last Sunday with quarterback Joe Flacco barely throwing the football.

This week if they are going to win they are going to need Flacco passing a lot more.

Flacco didn’t throw a lot of passes Sunday as he suffered an injury late last week.

The injury limited his mobility, which made the raves leary of passing.

However, thie Ravens go against the Indianapolis Colts and with quarterback Peyton Manning leading the offense, the Ravens could fall behind quick.

In the end Flacco is going to have to tough it out and give the performance of a lifetime.