Schottenheimer Made the Right Call


The Buffalo Bills asked and received permission to talk to New York Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

However, Schottenheimer declined at this time citing that he is too busy getting ready for this weekends game against the San Diego Chargers.

Schotternheimer did the right thing as it would be completely different if it was a bye week.

However, there isn’t and from Monday to Wednesday Schottenheimer will busy preparing and installing the game plan against the Chargers.

In the end anybody else other than Schottenheimer or Cowher would be a huge dissapointment.

Del Rio Feels the Heat


Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio will meet with owner Wayne Weaver Tuesday.

Apparently Del Rio is feeling the heat, because Peter King of NBC and, via, that he is putting together a staff if he lands the USC Trojans job since that is vacant.

The USC head coach position officially opened Monday after head coach Pete Carrol left for the Seattle Seahawks head coach position.

Del Rio in seven years as head coach of the Jaguars has made the playoffs only twice.

In defense he does have a major hurdle to get past every year and that is division rival Indianapolis Colts.

After all they only have Peyton Manning as quarterback who is one of the best ever in the history of the National Football League.

In the end with the emergence of Mike Simms Walker and two young solid tackles Del Rio should be given another chance next year.

Bills Future is in Philly


The Buffalo Bills are in dire need of a franchise quarterback.

All the Bills have to do is look to the Philadelphia Eagles for the answer.

Eagles head coach Andy Reid reinterated today that quarterback Donovan McNabb is his starting quarterback for next year.

That shouldn’t sit well with quarterback Kevin Kolb who was taken in the second round by the Eagles and has now sat for several seasons behind McNabb.

That should mean that Kolb should get ancy and request for a trade soon.

There is no doubt they will stick with Mcnabb as they extended himn last year, and reportedly will get another extension this year.

Also, trading for Kolb will make the Bills head coaching job attractive as Kolb did very well playing for McNabb earlier this past regular season when he was out due to an injury.

In the end if the Bills were smart they make this move.

As Expected Bills Request Permission for Grimm


According to ESPN’s John Clayton on Mike Schopp and the Bulldog the Buffalo Bills would request permission to interview Arizona Cardinals offensive line coach Russ Grimm, but is ecpected to decline.

Today, Fox’s Jay Glazer reports that the Bills have officially requested permission to interview Grimm.

Grimm was reportedly given Pittsburgh Steelers head coach job before it was officially given to Mike Tomlin.

However, Clayton also reported that Grimm is expected to politely decline.

To be honest that would be a good thing as the Bills need a head coach that knows how to build a offensive and mold a quarterback.

Grimm has never done either of thise two this. So the reality of it is that it is a waste fo time.

In the end it is most likely going to be Cowher, Schottenheimer, Garrett, and Frazier as the list of candidates they want to be the next head coach.

Bills are Doing it Right


The Buffalo Bills are taking their time when it comes to their search for a head coach.

As aggravating as it is the Bills are doing it the right way.

The Seattle Seahawks and Washington Redskins may have gotten the big named coach that they wanted, but the question is will it work.

With the big name coach comes the amount of power that one has to turnover to them.

The problem with the Redskins hiring Mike Shanahan he has not won a Superbowl this decade and with the Seahawks Pete Carrol has never even won a Superbowl.

The fact of the matter is winning is not about one person, but is about the whole organization working together as one unit.

The Bills on the other hand have a true evaluator of talent in Buddy Nix, which neither the Redskins or Seahawks have.

In the end if the Bills get the right guy they should finally be heading in the right direction.

Warner Will Most Likely Change His Mind


According to ESPN, Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner will most likely retire after the season.

With what happened at the end of the Green Bay Packers at Arizona Cardinals Warner will most likely change his mind.

Simply, the Packers got screwed as the fumble tha gave the Cardinals the win should have never happened.

The reason being that there should have been two penalties on the Cardinals as Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers got his helmet hit and his facemask grabbed.

That obviously will now taint whatever the Cardinals do the rest of the post season as people will now bring up what happened if they make the NFC Championship or the Superbowl.

In the end Cardinals fans most likely will get that encore they are hoping for.