Were the Patriots Better off With Cassel?


The New England Patriots the decision to stick with quarterback Tom Brady after he returned to full healthy after his knee injury.

After the Patriots melt down Sunday to the Baltimore Ravens the Patriots could be regretting that decision.

When Brady was out quarterback Matt Cassel took over and had a outstanding year throwing for 3,693 yards passing with 21 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

Brady in his return to the field threw for 4693 yards passing with 28 touchdowns and 13 interceptions.

The fact of the matter is that Cassel in his second year in the same system would have had similar numbers.

Also, Cassel would have come cheaper, thus allowing the Patriots to pursue long term deals for players like nose tackle Vince Wilfork

In the end keeping Brady was the wrong move.

Packers Still got Some Work to Do on Defense


The Green Bay Packers defense in the regular season was ranked fifth in the league in passing as it allowed only 201 yards a game.

However, that was not the case Sunday as Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner shredded the defense, which means the Packers still have some work to do.

Warner was 29 of 33 for 379 yards passing with five touchdowns.

To be a true elite defense a unit must shutdown or control the opposition’s passing game.

You have to give the Packers credit though the defense was converted to a 3-4 defense before the 2009 season.

Usually when a defense is converted it takes a while for a defense to become one of the best in the league.

In the end the Packers are heading in the right direction and if they are going to take the next step they need to learn from what happened Sunday.

Key Week for Cowher


Former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Bill Cowher wants to get back into coaching, but obviously wants it to be a perfect situation.

This upcoming week will be key for Cowher as two teams head coaches fate will be decided.

First, the Carolina Panthers have given head coach the option to opt out of his contract if he so chooses.

Cowher’s home is in Raleigh, NC and the Panthers job would be the most ideal since it is the closest to his family.

The other possibility is the Jacksonville Jaguars.

This would be ideal for Cowher, because it is in close proximity to Raleigh and the Jaguars have a franchise quarterback in David Garrard.

If neither of these come to fruition then Cowher’s best possible job would be the Buffalo Bills.

In then end this is the week where the coaching carousel gets ramped up.

Frazier News Means Nothing


According to Peter King of SI.com, the leading candidate for the Buffalo Bills head coach position is Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier.

The fact of the matter is that it means nothing.

People need to remember that only two candidates have officially interviewed for the Bills head coach position including Frazier.

Also, King stated that there are several more on the Bills list to interview.

In the end there is still a long ways to go in the process and that means anything can happen.