The Seattle Seahawks fired Jim Mora Friday and not eveb 24 hours later they already have his replacement.

How can the Seahawks really get away with such a thing.

This is the second team this year that has made a mockery of the Rooney Rule.

The way it is going with minority coaches the National Football League may rule that only minorities can be contacted first.

Then when a team has interviewed two minority coaches then a team can move onto white coaches.

In the end action must be taken to sure up the Rooney Rule, because if none is taken you might as well get rid of it.

Seahawks are Screwed


The Seattle Seahawks are now searching for a head coach as they fired Jim Mora today.

Simply the Seahawks already screwed up after one day.

According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, via, the Seahawks are interested in USC head coach Pete Carroll and he is likewise interested in the Seahawks.

Well word of that has spread quickly through the coaching ranks as Minnesota Vikings defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier has declined an interview citing that it is just merely an interview to fullfill the Rooney Rule and not a real oppoprtunity.

That means it will be almost impossible for the Seahawks to get a minority candidate to come in for an interview.

In the end rhe Seahawks better do some quick thinking or they are going to be paying a penalty.

Bills Should Consider Mora


The Buffalo Bills got some company today as the Seattle Seahawks fired head coach Jim Mora.

Considering the circumstances in Seattle the Bills should consider Mora for the job.

Mora got fired mainly due to the fact that there will be a new general manager for the Seahawks, and obviously he will want his own guy.

Even though the Seahawks went 5-11 the Bills shouldn’t be discouraged.

The fact of the matter is that Mora took over a team that is a mess on the offensive and defensive line.

The Seahawks were hoping tackle Walter Jones would return to form, but he was injured again for the season shortly after returning from injury.

Mora while the Atlanta Falcons head coach led them to the playoffs.

Also, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Mike Vick had his best years under him.

In the end the Bills need a head coach like Mora to mold a young team into a contender.

Give Wilson Some Credit


Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson has a reputation for being cheap.

However, this time around things have changed, which he should be given credit for.

First, Bills fans wanted a legitament football guy running the football operations of the team and they got that in Buddy Nix being named general manager.

Also, Bills fans want one of the top head coaches, and the Bills sure the heck are trying to get it done.

According to, in a article on the new billboard going up in Buffalo about Bill Cowhern, Mike Florio has confirmed, via Cowher’s Pittsburgh collegues, that there is merrit to the reports of Cowher being heavily pursued by the Bills.

Wilson listens to the fans, because he is essentially one of them.

With being 91 years old like he has stated he wants to feel how it is to win one last time before he goes.

In the end if it doesn’t get done with Cowher it sure the heck won’t be due to the Bills.

The Browns are Fools


The Cleveland Browns hired Mike Holmgren to head up their front office.

Even though there is someone else in charge they stilll foolishly gave wide reveiver Josh Cribbs a terrible contract.

The Browns offer to Cribbs was for about $1.4 million a year, which is only a small raise over his old salary.

Cribbs is just not a Pro Bowl returner, but also a big threat on offense as he caught 20 passes for 135 yards receiving with 55 rushes for 381 yards rusjing for a yards per a carry average of 6.9.

The fact of the matter is that Cribbs is a solid number two wide receiver on any team, and maybe even a number one receiver.

In the end this is just another example that Holmgren needs clean house in Cleveland.

A Possible History Changing Moment


The United States Supreme Court is the highest Court in the land and whenever they take a case on their rulings make a tremendous impact.

With the Supreme Court taking up the American needle challenge against the National Football League the way sports teams can do business will forever change.

American Needle has claimed the NFL has violated anti-trust laws when the NFL made an exclusive deal with Reebok.

American Needle claims that they are 32 distinct business.

As states in some aspects they are one entity like jerseys, equipment, turf, supplies, and etc.

However, there are times that they are distinct seperate business when they compete against each other like in regard for personnel.

For a more detailed synopsis of this visit, because after all he was a lawyer before his site took off.

If the NFL wins the NFLPA will be screwed as they will not be able to decertify and sue if the owners lock them out.

In the end stay tuned folks, because as they say in the WWE “business is about to pickup.”