Get Real Bills Fans


During the 2009 regular season a Buffalo Bills fan took out a billboard calling for a house cleaning.

With another Bills fans taking out another billboard some Bills fans need to get real.

According to the Associated Press, Pat Moran organized it with the billboard stating “Dear Mr. Wilson, we want this guy,” on top of a picture of Bill Cowher.

The fact of the matter is that Bills owner Ralph Wilson could offer more than $10 million a season and guarantee that money will be sent on players salaries, but he still could say no.

The reason being is that they don’t have a franchise quarterback, which is reportedly a requirement for Cowher.

In the end Bills fans are barking up the wrong tree as they should be taking one out in Raleigh, NC where Cowher lives.

Could the Chiefs be the Next Dynasty


According to ProFootballTalk, the Kansas City Chiefs are pursuing former Cleveland Browns head coach Romeo Crennel.

If Crennel were to join the Chiefs they would have the makings of a dynasty.

The Chiefs have already recruited Charlie Weis to be the offensive coordinator.

If Crennel were to join the Chiefs would have the two coordinators that led the New England Patriots to three Superbowl Championships in four years.

With former New England Patriot vice president of player personnel Scott Pioli at the helm of the Chief they now have the makings of a dynasty.

Now, don’t get me wrong the Chiefs don’t exactly have the best players right now.

In the end it may take a few years, but the Chiefs are a team not to be messed with.

Time to Add Insult to Injury


Manny Buffalo Bills fans were dissapointed when the Washington Redskins formaly introduced Mike Shanahan as their new head coach.

However, things get worst as the Redskins are now targeting former Bills special teams coach Bobby April.

According to, Redskins owner Dan Synder wants the best coaches available for his new coaching staff.

That is just fantastic as it was bad enough that they landed Shanahan, but now they get April as well.

The fortunate thing is thàþ having the best at every coaching position will not work as there will be too many egos and infighting.

In the end it will be fun watching the Redskins blow up in Snyder’s face.

Finally the Other Shoe has Fallen


Yesterday, we reported that there was more news coming from from on the Buffalo Bills and Bill Cowher.

Finally, the other shoe has fallen and Joe Logan of, via, that Cowher is okay with the salary that the Bills have offered, but wants reassurance that money will be sent on players salaries.

That is a legitament concern as they wouldn’t pay former tackle Jason Peters.

However, that was more due to the fact the coaches and the front office felt that Peters wasn’t woth it.

This is great news for Bills fans and could explain why a lot of interviews haven’t been pursued as they are close with Cowher.

At this point many people may doubt that Bills owner Ralph Wilson would do such a thing, but the thing is that he is 91 years old.

Wilson understands his time is running out and with him offering $10 million per a season money spent on players salaries shouldn’t be a problem.

In the end there is a good possibiity that Cowher could actually be the Bills next head coach.