Amen Cuban


Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is known for speaking his mind.

According to ESPNDallas the National Football League is learning this the hard way.

Cuban was quoted stating that the NFLis the ugly American as they do what they want without an consideration to the other sports leagues.

The reason that Cuban spouted off is that Saturday’s playoff game beween the Philadelphia Eagles at the Dallas Cowboys is the same night that Cuban’s Dallas Mavericks play at home.

Cuban is right the only time the NFL has ever done something has been when Congress has gotten in their face or it suits their bottom line.

If the NFL really did care it would have reached out to doctor Bennett Omalu who discovered chronic traumatic encepelapthy.

The reason being is that Omalu gave the NFL his findings and ignored it.

In the end NFL commissioner Roger Goodell can say they care all they want, but the reality is they don’t.

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