Freeney will play


According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, via, Indianapolis Colts defensive end Dwight Freeney has a torn ligament in his right ankle.

That shouldn’t stop from Freeney playing though.

Schefter added that it will be hard for Freeney to play if he plays at all.

Hello? McFly?

Can you say cortisone.

There is only one game left in the season and it is the biggest game of the entire year in the Superbowl.

The fact of the matter is that back cortisone is used all the time to help players with a great deal of pain.

Last year Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger played last year’s Superbowl with broken ribs.

To get a player to not play in the Superbowl the injury would have to be so serious that a player wouldn’t be able to use the limb
In the end don’t worry Colts fans Freeney will play.

It doesn’t matter how much Ryan was harrassed


New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan was caught on camera flipping off a Miami Dolphins fan at a mixed marshal arts event in Sunrise, FL.

The fact of the matter is it doesn’t matter what the situation was Ryan should have never done it.

According to, Ryan was being harassed by fans before flipping the middle finger.

The fact of the matter is that Ryan should have known this type of behavior was coming attending an event in the middle of Florida.

The question is now what will happen when Ryan gets figured out by other teams?

The most likely possibility is that he flips out and has a blow up with a player on the sideline over something stupid.

In the end Ryan better get his temper under control or his stint with the Jets will be short lived.

Buyer Beware


According to multiple reports, which was put together in article on nicely, Carolina Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers is most likely heading to free agency.

Buyers should beware that of high priced free agents.

Last year the two biggest names on the free agent market was wide receiver TJ Houshmandzadeh and defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth.

Neither were nearly as effective with their new teams.

The reason being that they were in new schemes that their skills were not necessarily made for.

Peppers last year wanted to go to a team with a 3-4 defense to play outside linebacker.

Peppers would be able to make the transition, but his numbers would be down as he would have to cover on some passing situations.

So, the question is does a team really want to pay for a player that would be an unknown commodity?

If he was stick to being a defensive end in a 4-3 or even a defensive end 3-4 he would be worth the huge price tag that he is going to cost.

In the end any team that thinks about acquiring his services better have a sit down to see what direction Peppers wants to go with his career.

Bills poll on MVP is a joke

Standard conducted a poll to find out which player should be the defensive most valuable player.

The results of the poll makes it look like one big joke.

According to the site, via, defensive tackle Kyle Williams is Bills fans defensive MVP.

Are you serious?  Did you even watch the games people?

The fact of the matter is that free safety Jairus Byrd is the real defensive MVP as his interceptions alone won the games against the New York Jets and Carolina Panthers as it out the offense in great field position.

Williams had a good year when it comes to sacks as he recorded four on the year, but when it comes to the run that is a whole other story.

Watching the game back on my DVR I closely followed the defensive tackles and with Williams it was the same thing over and over again.

Williams against single team blocking was okay at times, but that was very rare.

The reason being teams have figured out that if you use a combination block you can push Williams around, and open a huge hole.

Also, Williams allows the offensive lineman who is releasing to the linebackers a free release as he doesn’t grab on to jerseys or anything else.

All Williams has to do is fall down as both offensive lineman would then fall right over you, which I learned back in high school, which will also free up the linebackers.

In the end Williams is nothing more than a back up as he sure the heck wouldn’t be a starter on a good team.

It don’t look for Rams fans


The future of the Saint Louis Rams has been up in the air since former owner Georgia Frontiere died in January of 2008.

According to Bernie Miklaszof the Saint Louis Post Dispatch, via, it is looking even worst now.

The reports states that owners Chip Roosenbloom and Lucia Rodriguez have narrowed the potential ownership groups to three.

One of the groups is headed by Saint Louis Blues owner Dave Checketts.

The second is a group that has ties to Toronto and I wouldn’t be surprised that the group is Rogers Communication as it is clear that they want a team.

The third group right now remains unidentified at the moment, but Miklasz states that what he does know of the group is that they are not from Saint Louis.

According to, Howard Blazer reported last week that the current leading bid isn’t Checketts, which means that Checketts is going to have to reach deep into his pockets to pony up some more cash if he wants the team.

If Rogers Communication is one of the bidders it is a smart move as they can have a team locked up and will just have to wait five years when their buyout option comes up in 2014 to move the team without any problem.

With the Bills they would wind up having to wait longer if Wilson lives long enough to renew Ralph Wilson Stadium’s lease.

In the end it is looking like the Ram’s time in Saint Louis is coming to an end.

Tebow will be lucky to get into first round


National Football League draft prospect Tim Tebow had a rough Senior Bowl Saturday.

That means Tebow will be lucky to get into the first round draft of this up coming April’s NFL Draft as he will most likely be taken in the second now.

Tebow fumbled the snap from under center and was 8 of 12 for 50 yards Saturday.

Like I have stated in previous post Tebow can start right away, but in a spread offense while in practice working on taking snaps from under center.

In the end Tebow is still going to be fine at the NFL level, but will need some time to fully developed.

Bills quarterback coach choice is a head scratcher


Buffalo Bills head coach Chan Gailey has reportedly selected a quarterback coach.

The person that Gailey choose is a head scratcher.

According to the Calgary Herald, via, Gailey choose George Cortez as the quarterbacks coach.

Cortez was previously the offensive coordinator for the Calgary Stampeeders.

Also, Cortez was previously the quarterbacks coach for the University of California when Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was there.

Cortez has coached in the Canadian Football League for 19 years.

With other more experienced coaches in the National Football League available the hiring of Cortez is baffling at best.

In the end anyone can do is shake their head and pray that it works out.

Titans front office taking right approach


The Tennessee Titans were a huge dissapointment in 2009 after going 13-3 in 2008.

Part of the problem was the defensive line, which the Titans are now going to rebuild.

Defensive ends Kyle Vanden Bosch and Jevon Kearse for two season have been huge disappointment.

With Vanden Bosch allowed to test the open market last year he is a sure fire lock to not be resigned.

Fortunately, the Titans already have their replacements on the roster in William Hayes and Jacob Ford.

Hayes took over for Kearse last year and recorded four sacks for the year.

Ford also filled as Vanden Bosch missed time to injuries and recorded 5.5 sacks.

In the end this is what solid franchises do.



A Bruce from the Buffalo Bills four Superbowls is back, but unfortunately its not the more famous one.

According to WIVB-TV, Bills head coach Chan Gailey has hired Bruce Dehaven as the special teams coach.

Dehaven was the special teams coach from 1987-1999.

The Buffalo Bills wrongfully fired Dehaven after the “Music City Miracle” when it was proven scientifically that the the lateral thrown by the Tennessee Titans was really an illegal forward pass.

It was scientifically proven by a professor that the lateral was illegal by calculating angles from the video of the game.

Dehaven is just as good as April, but the difference is that Dehaven is more aggressive.

The special teams shouldn’t see any drop off with Dehaven.

In the end what is holding the Bills back is quarterback.

Leinart’s last chance


Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner announced Friday that he is retiring.

That means quarterback Matt Leinart will step into the starting lineup in 2010 for what will most likely be his last chance.

Leinart’s first time in the starting lineup was less than memorable as he was constantly yanked out of a games by head coach Ken Wisenhunt.

However, Leinart should be vastly improved sitting behind Warner for the past couple of seasons.

That means Leinart is basically on a one year tryout, but with Wisenhint it could be much less if he stinks right away and never improves.

In the end 2010 will finally be the year we will find out about Leinart.